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The Widney / Udny Family of Scotland and Ireland

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Note: The lineage from Generation 1 to Generation 4 is believed but not absolutely proven to be a direct lineage, but they are doubtless of the same family.  Generations 4-5 are proven by original documentation of the period to be a direct paternal relationship.  Generations 5-7 almost certainly represent a direct lineage given that the man in Generation 7 (7a) sold the very property that was owned and passed down by Generations 4-5.


scottish origins

The Widney name is ancient and was first spelled Udny.  An 1875 historical account describes the parish of Udny in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in part, as follows : "The name has been spelled Widney and Uldney, and it derives its name from the barony and family of Udny of Udny, who have possessed the estate for several generations ..."1/  The Udny family is reported elsewhere to have held the barony of Udny, which gave rise to the parish and its town, for more than eight centuries.  The earliest mention of the family this author has found is dated 1 October 1498, when William Udny was listed in grants of friars' lands of Kintore.2/  Kintore is approximately twelve miles southwest of the town of Udny.

Widney in fact is the phonetic spelling of Udny.  Native Scottish folk singer Jock Duncan had this to say in reference to a song about the parish town of Udny :  "I've heard many versions o it - an tunes an aa, fen I wis young. Widney wis the pronunciation. Never naebody heard o Udny : 'It's Widney boy - are ye gaun doun tae Widney the nicht?' "3/

1/ New History of Aberdeenshire, Part II, Alexander Smith, Ed. (1875)


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http://www.springthyme.co.uk/1039/ - find "8: Udny" on the page and see the comment by "Jock".

The earliest known Udny ancestor of the Widney family is Oliver, who lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  His parents have not been discovered, owing to the scarcity of parish records prior to the eighteenth century ... Oliver Udny of Scotland and Ireland.

For a complete record of the Widney family of Ireland through the end of the 18th century, the evidence of their Scottish roots, and a discussion of Widney origins as told by Dr. George Wilds Linn, see : Widney/Woodney/Udny.



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