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Lynn of that Ilk

and Bard Pa Lein of Norway

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Copyright 2014 : Revised 24 April 2019
Loretta Lynn Layman, Author of "Barony of Lynn", The Scottish Genealogist,

Vol. LVII No. 1, The Scottish Genealogy Society, Edinburgh (March 2010)
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There exists at a well-known, online genealogy database a family tree which claims that the Lynns of that Ilk a/k/a Lords of Lynn in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland descended from Bard Pa Lein born 1500 in Norway. Unfortunately, the company which owns that database neither requires nor verifies documentation for anything contained in family trees that have been contributed by its members.

In contrast - as discussed at the page Lynn of that Ilk - numerous documents at the National Records of Scotland (''i.e.'', Scotland's national archives) and elsewhere prove that the Lynns ...

(1)  were in Ayrshire at least as early as 1296 (and possibly about 1204);

(2)  owned the minor barony of Lynn in Dalry from 1296 until 1532; and

(3)  after selling part of the barony in 1532, continued to own the manor place while making nearby Irvine, Ayrshire their primary residence until the death of the last heir in 1670.

Thus, the Lynns of that Ilk were in Ayrshire 2-3 centuries before, and remained in Ayrshire for nearly 2 centuries after, the birth of Bard Pa Lein in Norway.

Not only so, but never once in the dozens of historical documents for the Lynns of that Ilk is their name found written as "Lein".

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