House of Lynn

Andrew Lynn and Ann Blair

Their Marriage and Life in Ayrshire, Scotland

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Loretta Lynn Layman, Author of "Barony of Lynn", The Scottish Genealogist,

Vol. LVII No. 1, The Scottish Genealogy Society, Edinburgh (March 2010)
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It has been widely reported at websites and in e-mails that Andrew Lynn of that Ilk, as he was formally known, and his wife, Ann Blair, daughter of Gavin Blair of Auldmuir, were the progenitors of Scottish Lynns in Ulster who emigrated to America in either the 17th or the 18th century.  Such reports are based solely on circumstantial evidence and not on proven historical data.  What the historical record does prove is as follows.


This is not, as is stated in some places, the year of Andrew Lynn's death.  Rather, it is the year that Andrew and Ann were betrothed and probably the year they were married.  On 10 November 1643, Andrew Lynn of that Ilk vested his future spouse, Ann Blair, daughter of Gavin Blair of Auldmuir, in the forty-shilling land of Over-Lynn.  Over Lynn was the manor place of the former barony of Lynn, the barony having been owned in its entirety by Andrew's antecedents from 1296 to 1532 and likely for 90 years earlier [see "Linn or Lynn of that Ilk", below].  Sasine for the 1643 vesting was registered in Ayrshire at sasine volume 7, page 573.

The Blair Writs, cited in History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton, Vol. III - Cuninghame, James Paterson, Edinburgh (1866): p. 186

Index to the Secretary's Register of Sasines for the Sheriffdom of Ayr and Bailliaries of Kyle, Carrick, and Cunningham, Vol. 2, 1635-1660, Scotland Record Office, Edinburgh (1935) : p. 268


Andrew and Ann continued to live in Ayrshire following their marriage.  They appear in Ayrshire sasines dated 8 November 1656, 2 March 1657, 16 April 1657, and 17 December 1657 recorded at volume 9, pages 132, 185, 196, and 290.  Recognizing the inconsistency in spelling of surnames which existed at that time, the Scotland Record Office [now, the Scottish Record Offices] indexed all four sasines under the common heading "Lin (Lind, Line, Lyn, Lyne)".  In three of the sasines, Andrew's and Ann's names are written as Andrew of that Ilk and Ann Blair, his spouse.  In the other, they are written Andrew of Over Lin and Ann Blair, his spouse.  The designation "of Over Lin" indicates that the sasine relates specifically to that property.  The designation "of that Ilk" indicates that those sasines relate to Andrew's other Ayrshire property.

Index to Secretary's Register, Ibid. : pp. 268-69


Ann Blair presumably died sometime during this period.  While she and Andrew appear jointly in sasines as late as 1657, Andrew appears alone in 1659 in the next and only remaining sasine for him.  On 16 December 1659, sasine was registered in Ayr for Andrew Lin of Over Lin at volume 9, page 486; it is the last record of a Lynn/Linn owning any portion of the former barony of Lynn in Dalry.

Index to Secretary's Register, Ibid. : p. 269


During this period, Andrew appears in two documents pertaining to his property Highlees, near the Ayrshire town of Irvine.  In 1668, Andrew Lyn of that Ilk signed a precept giving possession of Highlees to Robert Hunter of Hunterston.  The precept was only the latest in a series of documents dating back to 1452 by which Andrew's forebears repeatedly granted possession of Highlees to the Hunters, beginning with a charter that was granted by the first Andrew Lynn, Lord of that Ilk, in return for one William Hunter's "counsel rendered and to be rendered".  On 9 August 1669, Robert Hunter resigned Highlees to Andrew Lin.

Some Family Papers of the Hunters of Hunterston, Edit. M. S. Shaw, W. S., Edinburgh (1925) : p. 61


Andrew Lynn of that Ilk died in Ayrshire in December 1670.  On 18 April 1671, a  testament was registered in Glasgow, representing initial probate of the estate, for Andrew Linn of that Ilk, indweller [resident] of Irvine, Ayrshire.

Commissariot Record of Glasgow. Register of Testaments 1547-1800, Edit. Francis J. Grant, W.S., Rothesay Herald and Lyon Clerk, Edinburgh (1901) : p. 279 


The next charter for the Lynns' Highlees property was granted to the Hunters not by a Lynn but by William Blair, likely Andrew's heir through his wife, Ann Blair.

Some Family Papers, Ibid.: p. 64 

With the death of Andrew, the Lynns ceased to be known as "of that Ilk", and their property passed to others.  Thus, the record proves that Andrew Lynn and Ann Blair were not the parents of anyone at all, but especially ... unquestionably ... not the parents of anyone born in County Donegal, Ireland.  In addition to all of the above documented history, the first Scottish Lynns known to be living in northwest Ulster are proven to have arrived there when Andrew was either a young child or even yet unborn.  Furthermore, they lived in Counties Londonderry, Donegal, and Tyrone, the earliest to arrive holding property in all three counties and having connections to the same prominent Scottish family with whom the Lynns of that Ilk were long associated [see below].  All of this taken together strongly suggests that the first Scottish Lynns in Donegal were either cousins, or more likely uncles, of Andrew Lynn, the last Lynn of that Ilk.



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