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The first Lynn tartan was designed in 2002 by gentlemen in the U.S. named Robert Lynn and Dr. Phil Smith.  It was registered with The Scottish Tartans Authority in Perthshire.  Historically, the Lynns of Scotland never were a clan or sept of a clan, never had a tartan, and had very little presence in the Highlands of Scotland.  Instead, they were a large Lowland family, possibly with Flemish origins, whose branches migrated to the corners of Scotland.  No Clan Lynn or Linn, etc. is found in any of the published lists or histories of Scottish clans referenced below, and neither are they listed therein as a sept of any other clan.*

The long-held belief that Lynn or Linn was either a sept or vassals of the Boyds seems to have been based on a mere glimpse of a record which actually spans five centuries.  The larger record demonstrates that the Lynns were neither a sept nor vassals of the Boyds, and thus would not fittingly wear the Boyd tartan.  In fact, the Boyds themselves were never an historic clan, though there is some report of them being a sept of the Stewarts; and they never had a tartan of their own until 1956 [BoydTartanDetails at The Scottish Register of Tartans].  Any Lynn of Scottish origins whose paternal ancestors left Scotland before the twentieth century certainly would not wear the Boyd tartan.

For more information, please see Lynn of that Ilk.



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