"Lynneage - the Lynns, Linns, and Linds of Scotland and Ulster"



"Wow what a fantastic piece of work, you should be very proud of yourself for producing such a fine book and I am humbled to be part of it.  I will enjoy reading through it and will cherish it for years to come."

                        ~ S. Clarke, Ayrshire, Scotland

"I got your book in the mail today and have had the opportunity only to leaf through it, but I am very excited to dig in.  Looks great!" 

                         ~ Gary Linn, Springfield, Ohio

"The book has arrived and this is just to congratulate you on a tremendous achievement - it is a wonderfully comprehensive study.  Interested to see that you have included [the] inscription from my great great grandfather’s gravestone in Carrickfergus."

                        ~ Jonathan Lynn, Kent, England

"Your beautifully bound volume arrived yesterday.  I've glanced through it and am anxious to read at length all about our Linn/Lynn family.  Looks like a massive effort with a gratifying conclusion.  Congratulations!"

                        ~ J. Stockman, State of Washington



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House of Lynn