The Lynns, Linns, and Linds of Scotland and Ulster  


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The volume contained on these CDs ~ both in its entirety and in its individual chapters ~ is protected by copyright, and the CDs may not be duplicated, for profit or otherwise, except to store one copy on the buyer's computer or laptop for the buyer's personal use.  This volume and its individual chapters may be printed but not edited, reproduced (except as stipulated in the foregoing sentence), or distributed.

If ordering the entire set, please enter "All Seven" on the line for "Title", the number "1" under "Quantity", and $125.00 as the subtotal.  The entire set will be on a single CD.  Otherwise, be sure to list the desired CD number(s), title(s), and price(s).


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CD 1

I. Ayr and Galloway

$ 35.00 

CD 2

II. Dumfries and the Borders

$ 30.00 

CD 3

III. Edinburgh and the Lothians

$ 35.00 

CD 4

IV. The Kingdom of Fife and V. Angus and Royal Dundee

$ 25.00 

CD 5

VI. The Mearns and the Grampians; VII. The Highlands and the Isles; and VIII. Perthshire

$ 25.00 

CD 6

IX. Stirling to Argyll and X. Glasgow and the Clyde Valley

$ 30.00 

CD 7

XI. Ulster

$ 30.00 


Following are the discounts available for purchases of multiple titles, either different chapters on a single CD or duplicate CDs of the same chapter(s) ...
Any two (2) titles : $40 = a savings of $10 to $30 depending on CDs selected
Any three (3) titles : $60 = a savings of $20 to $40
Any four (4) titles : $80 = a savings of $20 TO $40
Entire collection (1 copy of each title) : $125 = a savings of $85