The Lynns, Linns, and Linds of Scotland and Ulster

Including these additional variant spellings

Lean, Lein, Len, Lena, Lenna, Lennie, Leyne,

Lin, Lind, Line, Linn, Linne, Linnie, Lyn, Lynd, Lyne, Lynn, Lynne, and Lynny

with a few occurrences of Lindesay and Lyndesay


CD #7 - Ulster, Ireland


Other Surnames Appearing in This Volume


Since M' and Mc both are simply abbreviations of Mac, Mac is used throughout this index, whether appearing as M', Mc, or Mac in the historical record.

Many of the surnames listed appear in more than one place and/or generation in this volume.

Where two or more spellings are listed together but are separated by diagonals, both spellings appear for the same individual.  One or more alternate spellings placed in brackets indicates known alternates but not necessarily alternates appearing for the same individual.  A question mark in brackets indicates only a possible alternate spelling.

Barlow [Barlowe] Henry Nash
Barnsley Hill Oqueyne [O’Cane?/
Beaty [Beattie] Hockenberry    O’Kane? O’Quinn?]
Bell Huston Patton [Paton]
Berry Hutcherson [Hucheson/ Paul
Booher    Huchison/Hutcheson/ Pierce
Broune [Brown]    Hutchison] Purvis [Pervis]
Bussell Irvine Ranger
Cadwell [Cadwall] Johnston [Johnstone] Redgatt
Campbell Jones Reed [Reid]
Carman Kelly Roberts
Carrick Kevin Rouse
Carter Killen Saylor
Chapman Kistle Scott
Churchwood Lewis Singleton
Colhoun [Calhoun] Loughridge Sipe
Cook Lyons Smith
Corrigan MacCauley Smyth
Crowe MacConall [MacConnell] Snyder
Daniels MacGolrik Stuart [Stewart]
Day MacMullan [MacMullen/ Tannyhill [Tannahill]
Dent    MacMullin] Taylor
Drumm MacMurtery [MacMurtrie/ Thompson [Thomson]
Dougherty [Daugherty]    MacMurtry] Turney
Eastman Maguire [MacGuire] Udney/Udnie/Udny - see,
Edgar Marshall [Marschall]    also, Widney
Ellis Merns [Mearns] Van Scyoc
Gale Michael Wallace
Gambel [Gamble] Mitchel [Mitchell] Wedlick
Geddis [Geddys/Gettys] Montange West
Gilmore [Gilmer] Moor/Moore Widney/Woodney [derived
Gordon Morrison    from Udney, etc.]
Goring Muir/Mure Wilson
Hazelton Multer Willson


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