The Lynns, Linns, and Linds of Scotland and Ulster

Including these additional variant spellings

Lean, Lein, Len, Lena, Lenna, Lennie, Leyne,

Lin, Lind, Line, Linn, Linne, Linnie, Lyn, Lynd, Lyne, Lynn, Lynne, and Lynny

with a few occurrences of Lindesay and Lyndesay


CD #1 - Ayr and Galloway


Other Surnames Appearing in This Volume


Since M' and Mc both are simply abbreviations of Mac, Mac is used throughout this index, whether appearing as M', Mc, or Mac in the historical record.

Many of the surnames listed appear in more than one place and/or generation in this volume.

Where two or more spellings are listed together but are separated by diagonals, all spellings appear for the same individual.  One or more alternate spellings placed in brackets indicates known alternates but not alternates appearing for the same individual.  A question mark in brackets indicates only a possible alternate spelling.


Acton Finlay/Findlay MacWhinnie


Fraser MacWilliam
Aird French Martin
Aitchison Fultoun [Fulton] Millar
Aitkin Galt Montgomerie/
Andrew Gardiner    Montgomery
Auld Gemmell Moeris [Morris?]
Authal Gemmill Muir
Baillie Gilmour Mure
Baird Gordon Murray
Ballantine Graham Ness
Bann Haggins Nisbett
Bannatyne Hannah Oqueyne [O'Cane?
Barclay Hannay    O'Kane? O'Quinn?]
Beattie Hanny/Henny Parker
Beg Harvey/Harvie Ranchin [Rankin?]
Biggart Henderson Rankin/Rankine/
Black Highet [Hyatt?]    Raynkeine/Raynkin
Blair Hill Reid [Reed]
Boyd Howie Robertson
Broune Hughan Rodman
Brown Hunter Rork
Bryan Irwein/Irvine Roseware
Cairnduff Johnston/Johnstoune Scott
Campbell Keachie/Caughie Shaw
Carruthers Kelly Shennan
Cauchie/Caughie/ Kennedy Simpson
   Keachie Kerr Smaillie
Cochran Lapsley Smith
Cochrane Logan Spark
Crauford/Crawford MacAdam Stanhous[e]
Cuningham MacCans/McCants Steuart/Stewart/Stuart
Cunningham MacCaw [McCall] Strung [Strong?]
Cunynghame MacChlery Swinge/Swinger
Currie MacCubben Tannahill
Dailey MacCubbin Tannoch
Dalrymple MacCulloch Tarbert/Terbert
Deal MacDonald Taylor
Diamond MacDowggal [McDougall] Thompson
Dickie MacGolrik Thomson
Dickson MacInaul Tonoch/Tannoch
Dougel [Dougall?] MacKay/McKie Wallace
Duff MacKennah Weir
Duffie MacMaster West
Dykes MacMeekin Willock
Ellies MacMickine Wilson
Esdaill MacMillan Young
Fergussoune/Ferguson MacNair  


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